Vinica Lemons Vinica Lemons, RN

Vinica was born and raised a God-fearing Oklahoman. She received her Associate's Degree in Nursing at Northeaster A&M College in 2008, earned a BSN at Chamberlain College in 2018, and was an ER/trauma nurse for 16 years before joining Optimal Health. 

She enjoys travel, music, reading, cooking, planting, and spending time with friends and family. Vinica has two beautiful daughters and five lovely grandchildren. She is a passionate advocate of bringing awareness about child sex trafficking. 

"Working at Optimal Health has been like working with family. Not only with the staff but with the patients as well. I’m grateful to be able to be a part of such an advanced team. Seeing the improvements in our patients' lives daily is the most rewarding part of my job."

Michelle Whisenhunt Michelle Whisenhunt, RN

Michelle is an Optimal Vitality & Aesthetics licensed injector and skin care professional. Trained locally with further instruction in Los Angeles, CA for advanced practice regarding Botox, Sculptra, Smooth and Lifting Threads, Dermal Fillers, and Kybella.

She is a trained laser authority and passionate about skin rejuvenation. Michelle is trained in Human Cellular Tissue Products relating to skin and injectable products. She performs a vast amount of procedures including her specialty in hair and under-eye restoration. Highly trained on Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body lasers as well as medical grade skincare and facial balancing. 

Michelle is an experienced IV therapy nurse with advanced training in Ozone and Human Cellular Tissue Matrix Products. Michelle has a bachelor's Degree in Business, as well as being a Registered Nurse. 

Stormy Benjamin Stormy Benjamin, MA

She has been with Optimal Health for 5 ½ years as a Medical Assistant. Over the years she has expanded her knowledge base developing a variety of skill sets in both clinic and aesthetics. She has experience with laser hair removal, dermaplaning, and Diamond Glow facials. 

Her main responsibility is as an Extracorporeal Shock Therapy (ESWT) specialist. Nicknamed "Stormy Shockwave" she has helped many patients with issues such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, ED, and more. She is trained in soft tissue stimulation for acute/chronic pain, Human Cellular Tissue products, and assisting with procedures in correlation with joint injections.

Storm is always looking for ways to continue to grow professionally and personally, she is the first to be involved in learning, creating protocols, and training other team members on any new therapies brought into the clinic.

Sheila Colburn Sheila Colburn, MA

Bringing years of experience to Optimal Health with a positive and uplifting presence, Shelia is a beauty and wellness technician with an emphasis on laser technology. Her focus has become Laser Hair Removal, Lumecca IPL, and EvolveX. She is passionate about helping people look and feel their best with a good skincare routine and aesthetic treatments.

Sheila has additional studies including radiology technician, phlebotomy technician, and pharmacy technician.

To book a treatment or consult with Shelia, call 405-715-4496 option 5. 




Connie Harris Connie Harris

She is Customer Service/Receptionist/Scheduler. Connie brings vast experiences to Optimal Health in regards to taking excellent care of our clients and staff. She exudes joy and happiness while handling our busy office. Connie, has additional background in management of a locally owned women’s boutique. Her personality fits our dynamic clinic, with her energy and professionalism.

Zoee Garis Zoee Garis, MA

Zoee is a Pennsylvania native and moved to Oklahoma in November of 2021. She attended Alvernia University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and earned her degree in May of 2021. She moved to Oklahoma to be with family and to begin a new journey in the healthcare field.

Her next step is to obtain her nursing degree and practice as an RN, as many of her family members do. Zoee started at Optimal Health in January of 2023 where she works as a medical assistant. She enjoys working with patients, assisting in procedures, giving IM injections and expanding her knowledge in regenerative medicine and nutritional IV therapies at Optimal Health.

Bethany Cook Bethany Cook, APRN

As a nurse practitioner, Bethany sees patients for hormone-related issues, health and wellness, and regenerative medicine. 

She is highly educated on the benefits of ozone therapy and its effect on many disease processes as well as longevity. 

She performs O shots, P shots, occipital blocks, and regional prolozone shots in the office and enjoys making a difference in such important aspects of patients' lives.