25% off all laser treatments in October

Posted on October 2, 2021 by Optimal Health Staff

For the month of October, we are offering 25% off all laser treatments. 

Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Morpheus8 RF laser

Lumecca IPL

Not ready to lazer quite yet? Take advantage of the October special and schedule for a later time!

Call 405.715.4496 option 5 to schedule your free consult or treatment packaage today. 

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Ozone therapy added to Optimal

Posted on August 31, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams

Ozone Therapy is the newest therapeutic offering at Optimal Health.  By converting oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) then using the technique of autoheme transfusion we can provide a myriad of restorative effects by restimulating cellular function, tissue oxygen utilization, inducing antioxidant reactive element development within cells, and reverse toxin production in the body.  The combined effects can have startling changes on performance and overall wellbeing. 

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Ivermectin - Journal Articles

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams


Ivermectin is constantly in the news these days. I've found everything in COVID-19 where there is so much protestation really means it is rattling the narrative.

I've included two key articles on Ivermectin mode of action for review. I am absolutely against the use of this medicine for self-administration by the public, and adamantly discourage people from using veterinary sources of Ivermectin.

However, there is, nevertheless, a clear scientific rationale for the conceptual use of this drug for COVID. As it is FDA approved, any licensed practitioner is allowed...BY FDA REGULATORY AUTHORITY... to use this medicine as they deem appropriate. Period. There is more authority by statute to use an approved FDA drug experimentally by scientific rationale than a non-FDA-approved drug by emergency use application authorization.

This is an observation of FEDERAL STATUE AND REGULATIONS FROM THE FDA. Not a particular endorsement or criticism of using Ivermectin.

This will get removed as no truth is allowed on social media. But few people understand the FDA regulations for medications. Unfortunately, as a former member of the Public Health Service who worked at the FDA... I do.


Noel R Williams MD FACOG

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Why hospitals require a COVID test before surgery

Posted on August 8, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams

If you are having surgery it requires an anesthesiologist and staff to be present when you get intubated or receive some level of airway protection. This is necessary for all surgical procedures. This process always facilitates the aerosolization of infectious agents from the patient's oropharyngeal airway. COVID infection can be devastating on occasion. The OR staff and anesthesiologists are constantly working in a high-risk environment for infection from this illness. It is absolutely necessary to protect them, along with anyone entering the OR suite from accidental exposure to COVID. Testing prevents hospital staff and other patients from preventable infectious exposure. You get the same protection from the policy as you give to others. 

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Long term immunity from COVID infection.

Posted on May 26, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams


It is over!

No matter what you hear, medical pundits say, or what alarmist nonsense is posted on social media sites..... there is long-term immunity to COVID19 with even mild infection. This just accepted article for publication in the Journal NATURE clearly shows yet again and definitely that bone marrow plasma cells (as I have written about and discussed a myriad of times) remember COVID19 infection and can respond immediately to new viral particles in order to inactivate them. The paper when correlated to Dr. Andrew Redd’s article illustrating the same immune protection with T lymphocytes puts to bed any issue with not having immunity to COVID19 after infection for 90-95% of the population. Plus as previously mentioned the people who do get reinfected are asymptomatic 90% of the time with the other 10% only developing minimal symptoms 99% of the time. This matches the vaccine outcome data for efficacy almost exactly.

It is unlikely that any major medical organization, “in the box” physician or mainstream media organization will highlight this paper. But ultimately science wins out virtually every time.

Rejoice and understand that infection or vaccination will provide long term immunity until proven otherwise. It is incumbent upon science to prove the need for boosters and not just have big pharmaceutical companies and umbrella (and bought) medical organizations decide we need them without proof.


Spread the word! I cannot boost the post due to FB oversight.

All the best!

Noel R Williams MD

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cross immunity is real

Posted on April 6, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams


Unbelievable and surprise news direct from THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE..... There is long term immunity from COVID19 Infection and vaccination. The end is approaching!!!!


I have spoken and written about the tenets of innate and cellular immunity for a year. Emphasizing the standard science involved in how the immune system works, how to optimize it, and why long term immunity had to exist for COVID-19.

This paper, direct from Dr. Fauci's own division repudiates all the none sense he, along with virtually all members of the senior NIH, CDC and FDA leadership have been saying for the previous year and more importantly the last few months. We have long term immunity to COVID-19 AND THE VARIANTS from T cell immunity.

At last.... science gets a moment in the sun to illuminate the truth that the pandemic is almost over.

Is there more to do? YES!!! Get vaccinated as fast as you can. Over the next two months virtually all adults in the US will be able to be inoculated against COVID19. If we can get the majority of these people "the jab" it's not just herd immunity in a few weeks.... which means low level sporadic Infections....Rather the infection will be predominantly knocked out of the country completely.... meaning isolated rare infections with minimal measurability.

In other words .... not a new normal. Complete return to normalcy at last.

We will still have much to do in order to take care of those still recovering from COVID and all the downstream effects. However, the worst is now behind us.

Be happy! Be safe. Take your vitamins and get vaccinated if you are an adult.

All the best!

Noel Robert Williams MD

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