Telemedicine directions, tips and provider sites.

Posted on March 30, 2020

Each of our providers has their telemedicine site ready appointments.

We can only schedule telemedicine visits with patients that are already established in our practice or that are on Medicare (their rules not ours!).

To schedule an appointment to establish care in our office, or to schedule a telemedicine appointment - call 405-715-4496. 

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Zinc 50mg is available

Posted on March 29, 2020 by Optimal Health Staff

We have Zinc 50mg available again on the webstore as well as Zinc 15mg for children under 100 lbs or for those that prefer to stagger their dose. 

Zinc is a trace element that is necessary for a healthy immune system. A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to disease and illness.

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Italins let us know what to expect with COVID

Posted on March 16, 2020

This is real - the Italians were slow but are like Flash Gordon compared to us. We are going to have a devastating event if people don't change immediately.

Stay home, face time your friends and family, catch up on movies, pause - breath- reflect, spend time with family, board games, take up a new hobby - art, music, doodling, cooking, cleaning, purging, whatever you come up with share it with others.

Be at peace, this WILL pass. 


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Current treatments options for erectile dysfunction (ED)

Posted on March 4, 2020

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How is the covid-19 different than other coronavirus strains? Learn why Zinc is an effective preventative measure.

Posted on March 1, 2020

Today I spoke with KWTV - NEWS 9 about how covid-19 differs from other strains of coronavirus and how 50mg of Zinc daily can help inhibit the replication of the virus, so even if it gets into the cell it can’t keep reproducing and it’s relatively harmless.

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Over the Counter UTI help is available

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Dr. Ben Barenberg

Dr. Ben Barenberg takes viewers along to learn about over the counter urinary tract infection medications. Listen to Dr. Ben Barenberg here.

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