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Christina (Tina) Telcocci, PA-C, graduated from the Physician Associate program at the University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center here in Oklahoma City. She earned her Master of Health Science degree with Special Distinction.

Prior to joining Optimal Health Associates in 2009, Tina worked ten years for a premier interventional pain management practice. Her empathy and understanding of patients’ needs is all too personal.

“In March of 2006, I was diagnosed with Stage IIB Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” she recounts. “I was blessed to have access to wonderful medical care at every stage of my diagnosis and treatment. I cannot even imagine going through such a frightening and uncertain time without all the excellent physicians, nurses, and other medical staff I came into contact during that time.”

After six months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation treatment, Tina was cancer free. But she’d gained a lesson for her life’s work.

“My personal goal is to treat each of my patients with the same respect and compassion that I received and that they deserve. I want to provide each with guidance and understanding of their medical conditions.”

"Whether you are facing a life-threatening cancer, a life changing event such as menopause, a fertility issue, or you come in for a normal healthcare maintenance visit, I would like to help provide a calm, stable, and safe environment for you to discuss your concerns."