Posted on April 6, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams


Unbelievable and surprise news direct from THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE..... There is long term immunity from COVID19 Infection and vaccination. The end is approaching!!!!

I have spoken and written about the tenets of innate and cellular immunity for a year. Emphasizing the standard science involved in how the immune system works, how to optimize it, and why long term immunity had to exist for COVID-19.

This paper, direct from Dr. Fauci's own division repudiates all the none sense he, along with virtually all members of the senior NIH, CDC and FDA leadership have been saying for the previous year and more importantly the last few months. We have long term immunity to COVID-19 AND THE VARIANTS from T cell immunity.

At last.... science gets a moment in the sun to illuminate the truth that the pandemic is almost over.

Is there more to do? YES!!! Get vaccinated as fast as you can. Over the next two months virtually all adults in the US will be able to be inoculated against COVID19. If we can get the majority of these people "the jab" it's not just herd immunity in a few weeks.... which means low level sporadic Infections....Rather the infection will be predominantly knocked out of the country completely.... meaning isolated rare infections with minimal measurability.

In other words .... not a new normal. Complete return to normalcy at last.

We will still have much to do in order to take care of those still recovering from COVID and all the downstream effects. However, the worst is now behind us.

Be happy! Be safe. Take your vitamins and get vaccinated if you are an adult.

All the best!

Noel Robert Williams MD

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