Posted on September 30, 2020 by Dr. Noel R. Williams

Humans... tonight’s video post is going to focus on innate immune function data. New reports on understanding the pathophysiology of innate immunity responses to COVID are becoming clearer!

As it turns out several things are or aren’t happening. Key TYPE 1 INTERFERONS are necessary to fight off COVID successfully. Low Type 1 interferons equal poor performance against COVID19....escalating inflammation and severe illness. Equally important is the spontaneous development of auto-antibodies to Interferons in some COVID pts.

There is much to talk about. Solutions to these issue all reside in augmenting immune function by appropriate nutrition. The key element at play continues to be ZINC. 9 months later and the same theme continues.

Zinc levels correlate with better immune function. I’m calling it here... right now....definitely.

Zinc is the key natural element to augment immune function, damage RNA viral particles, and protect us from viral infections.

The RDA for men is 11mg daily and for women is 9 mg daily.

I recommend Zinc supplementation by weight and age. In an effort to simplify it let’s go with the following:


Over 150lbs:

50 mg daily with food x 2 months then just Monday-Friday only.

Less than 150lbs but more than 100lbs or pregnant:

30 mg daily with food x 2 months then Monday through Friday only.

Less than 100lbs:

15 mg daily with food.

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