Posted on May 26, 2021 by Dr. Noel R. Williams


It is over!

No matter what you hear, medical pundits say, or what alarmist nonsense is posted on social media sites..... there is long-term immunity to COVID19 with even mild infection. This just accepted article for publication in the Journal NATURE clearly shows yet again and definitely that bone marrow plasma cells (as I have written about and discussed a myriad of times) remember COVID19 infection and can respond immediately to new viral particles in order to inactivate them. The paper when correlated to Dr. Andrew Redd’s article illustrating the same immune protection with T lymphocytes puts to bed any issue with not having immunity to COVID19 after infection for 90-95% of the population. Plus as previously mentioned the people who do get reinfected are asymptomatic 90% of the time with the other 10% only developing minimal symptoms 99% of the time. This matches the vaccine outcome data for efficacy almost exactly.

It is unlikely that any major medical organization, “in the box” physician or mainstream media organization will highlight this paper. But ultimately science wins out virtually every time.

Rejoice and understand that infection or vaccination will provide long term immunity until proven otherwise. It is incumbent upon science to prove the need for boosters and not just have big pharmaceutical companies and umbrella (and bought) medical organizations decide we need them without proof.

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All the best!

Noel R Williams MD

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