NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is an essential coenzyme found in all of our living cells. NAD is essential to mitochondria function, converting nutrients to ATP, which gives energy to all cells, regulates DNA repair, and lengthens telomeres.

Benefits of NAD+:

Promote cells regeneration and anti-aging

NAD+ activates DNA repair and stimulates intercellular communication. It speeds up cell regeneration and supplies energy to cells throughout the body. When combined with stem cell procedures, it will enhance the results and increase energy.

Reduces inflammation

Exposure to toxic environments, chemicals, pollution, and diseases are all causes of inflammation. Chronic inflammation will damage our cells and DNA. NAD+ stimulates enzymes, which prevent and reverse cellular and DNA damage.

Improve brain function and energy

When we age, levels of NAD decrease, which results in chronic fatigue and reduced brain function. NAD+ IV provides an energy supply to your cells and enhances the brain and the whole body. It helps to improve your focus, memory, mood, mental clarity, and physical function.

NAD infusions are administered by a RN who will oversee your treatment ensuring safety and correct timing of the dose to maximize optimal results.

If you have never received NAD you will have a NAD intramuscular injection prior to an IV so we can monitor your results.


100 mg

1 hour


200 mg

2 hours


300 mg

3 hours


400 mg

4 hours


500 mg

5 hours