Posted on October 23, 2019 by Optimal Health Staff

Happy Wednesday.....

The summer is passing quickly and school is about to start. The fall and holiday season is always a busy time at Optimal Health Associates.

I thought I would post a note in regards to a notable drug shortage occurring which will directly affect many of our patients and multiple millions across the country. Injectable TESTOSTERONE will shortly no longer be available for a period estimated to be 3 months but more likely 6 or greater.

The primary substitute will be BioTe Testosterone pellets. The pellets are usually more effective, absolutely more physiologic and consistent with better clinical outcomes.

We will, of course, be monitoring the situation closely. Over the last couple of years, we have had multiple shortages of needed pharmaceuticals. These include....

Armour Thyroid
Nature’s Thyroid
Lidocaine with epi

Such is life in these United States. I could explain in detail how the Affordable Care Act destroyed the generic manufacturing of drugs. But what is done is done.

All the best!


Noel R Williams MD FACOG

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