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Cyto-Met<br/>60 count

60 count

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Inflammation is the enemy of healthy tissue throughout the body.  Inflammation may be the single greatest harm that our excess weight can cause us. For example, when an older overweight person experiences knee pain, we may assume it is the wear and tear on the joints over time causing the pain. That may be the source of some of the discomfort; but for most people in that situation, their knee pain is actually caused by inflammation in the joint. This inflammation comes directly from their excess white adipose tissue in the form of cytokines and adipokines that cause swelling in the joints.  If the person lost weight, most of the inflammation and pain would disappear. Likewise, when using Cyto-Met to neutralize the inflammatory response of excess white adipose tissue, the person can experience a decrease in inflammation and a decrease in joint pain. Such is the benefit all over the body when Cyto-Met reduces the impact of inflammation.