Noel R. Williams, M.D.

  • “I have started going to Optimal Health and have seen Abby each time. I am very impressed with your practice! I feel better than I have felt in years. Abby and the rest of the staff are wonderful!”
  • “The Optimal Health practice is largely responsible for this time in my life being the best time of my life. Thank you.”
  • “Dr. Williams never gave up on me. He gave me hope when I had barely left. He kept fighting for me when I felt as though I couldn’t fight anymore. He supported me. He brought me hope that I would find relief. Thank you Dr. Williams You will forever be a hero to me.”
  • “Dr. Williams, you are one in a million and the best GYN I have EVER had. Thanks for your continued efforts for all of us.”
  • “Dr. Williams, In 10 years you are the absolute BEST doctor I have found and I feel blessed!! Thank you so much for everything you do! Your entire team is GREAT!”
  • “Dr. Williams, I hit a home run when you became my physician! You are a top notch health care provider with a staff to match, I could not ask for more.”
  • “I don’t care how long I have to wait to get in for my appointment at Optimal Health Associates. Why? When it’s finally my turn I always receive quality care that is not rushed. If I need to see one of “the girls” instead of Dr. Williams, I know that I’m receiving the same care as if Dr. Williams was in the room. Thank you!”
  • “Dr. Williams, you and your staff have improved the quality of my life! I cannot speak highly enough of your practice or you. Thank you.”
  • “The Optimal Health Associates staff always seems to go above and beyond, thank you for this and the care you provide us all.”
  • “Dr. Williams you’re the best in my books. I will never ever forget the day you told me I had breast cancer. You told me to take a deep breath, took both my hands in your hands and began to tell me my treatment. You and your staff already had everything lined up for me. I did not have to struggle through making the appointments, and trying to decide who and where to go… (Even though you gave me the option to choose my own surgeon if I did not “click” with the surgeon you picked for me, which I did.) Throughout the whole ordeal I knew I was in good hands and I trusted all my care with the medical professionals you picked for me. You took the extra time I needed to cry and never made me feel like you had to rush out to the next patient, so if I ever have to wait, (which has NEVER been long), I just think some lady is probably needing that extra special treatment you gave me… Thank you and your staff for all you do.”
  • “Dr. Williams, you are an AMAZING physician and your staff is wonderful! Thank you for your caring attitude and brilliant ways of healing other human beings! You’ve never given up on me and I’m eternally grateful to you for that! We need more like you in this world!”
  • “The doctors at Optimal Health take the time to visit with you and really get to know their patients. Taking the extra time to figure out what is wrong with each patient and determine what they need is invaluable. Thank you for taking such great care of us!”
  • “You guys are the best. Dr. Williams and his amazing team are why I’m here today! I love you all.”
  • “Dr. Noel is a rock God of the women’s whole body! He and his whole staff have saved my sanity and life. I would recommend this clinic and Dr. Noel to any women needing expertise in women’s health, menopause, wellness and quality of life! Thank you, Dr. Noel for saving my life. My family thanks you as well. I’ve never been to a Doctor who has cared more, or knew exactly what my body needed for complete wellness. I was in very bad shape and Dr. Noel and his staff have put me back together completely!”
  • “Dear Dr. Williams, You’re simply the best! You have a wonderful ability to go from room to room and make each of us feel as though we’re the only one there. Thank you for using your education, intuition and compassion to make such a difference in so many lives – including mine.”
  • “I would wait all day to see Dr. Williams, or anyone else in the office. As long as Optimal Health is in practice, I’ll be there!”
  • “Dr. Williams, I cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness! There is No Dr. I’ve ever experienced who has such a caring heart as you! I praise you every time I can! I pray for more doctors to treat their patients the way you do!”
  • “Dear Noel, Thank you for your kindness and tenacity in problem solving. I am grateful for your assistance as I wade through my medical issues. Your expertise is giving me hope.”