Posted on April 28, 2019 by Dr. Noel R. Williams

Happy Saturday!

I will be posting on Pap smears and cervical cancer screening tomorrow but I can’t help but editorialize a bit on vaccines right now. The meme from the satirical website “THE ONION” summarizes it best. The uninformed, fearful and selfish do not get vaccinated. This may offend some of you. If it does.... be offended. It is because of the rest of us, who are vaccinated, who have vaccinated our children that the entire COMMUNITY has better health and survival. The recurrence of measles and whooping cough illustrate the effects of the diminishment of vaccinations and the national disaster of poor immigration policy (more unvaccinated people... who don’t receive vaccines at entry). In 2000 measles was declared eradicated in this country. No longer.....We will break at least a 1000 cases this year perhaps 2000. This will result in a significant number of permanent disabilities, preventable embryonic injuries and finally child/adult mortalities across our entire population.

Completely preventable with a safe, easy intervention... the MMR vaccine. Don’t be foolish, vaccinate your children, make sure you still have immunity. Keep in mind if you’ve had a baby in the last 30 yrs your obstetrician checked your measles status and vaccinated after delivery if your immunity had waned. That’s what us responsible OB/GYNs do!

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Noel R Williams MD FACOG

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